Welcome to the #EdTech30!

Congratulations: you’ve taken an important step toward
becoming a more effective and efficient teacher.

We believe that there are 30 core activities that teachers use technology to accomplish… and the #EdTech30 is a set of activities designed to introduce teachers to the EdTech tools they need, quickly and a short period of time.

Think of it as a crash diet that leaves you a better prepared, more capable teacher.

Click below for a 2-minute video introduction:


Over 300 teachers from all over the world have participated in the #EdTech30 course and some of them called it “the most useful and productive professional development” they’ve ever had.

Yes, the end of the school year is a busy time. We all spend it prepping for finals, ordering supplies, cleaning our classrooms and trying to wind down… and THAT’S exactly why this is the perfect time for something like the #EdTech30.

It’s true: you can see significant results… in only ten minutes a day!