G Suite for School Administrative Staff

Empower your staff.

Give your administrative staff the expertise they need to do their critical work using the same software tools that your faculty and students use every day.

Manage Team Drives, share files, track changes and publish documents for parents and students to view online.
Create letters, newsletters and other complex documents using Google’s powerful, cloud-based word processor.
Collect, track, process and share lists of all kinds using Google’s cloud-based spreadsheet.
Create and publish presentations and slideshows.
Send, receive, process, track and manage email efficiently. Discover the joy of an empty inbox!
Manage multiple calendars; create and track meeting invitations; easily schedule events, visits and tours.

And much, much more…

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3 hours

Single Seat


Tuesday, June 12 2018
7 – 10 pm
Bergen County, NJ

This course does not have any sections.